Nearly 17 million people suffer from stomach upsets in the UK every year, leading to around 11 million lost working days, new research by The University of Manchester has found.
The study, published by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), is the biggest of its kind for more than 10 years and looked at the impact of all cases of infectious intestinal disease (IID), not just those linked to food, on the UK population. IID is typically vomiting or diarrhea, or a combination of the two. The research was carried out by a group of organizations led by Manchester University.
The research found:

• there are up to 17 million cases of IID annually, which is the equivalent of one in four people becoming ill during the year
• approximately 50% of people with IID took time off from work or school because of their symptoms. The University of Manchester has calculated that this represents nearly 19 million days lost – more than 11 million of these were in people of working age
• for every case of IID recorded in national surveillance there are 147 that are unreported
• viruses, particularly Norovirus are the most common causes of IID
Norovirus was identified as the largest cause of IID in the UK. Although many norovirus infections are spread by person-to-person transmission, it does have the potential to cause foodborne disease and is included in the Agency’s Foodborne Disease Strategy 2010–2015.
Trichem’s STERI CELL is based upon Hewa-San silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, a powerful biocide, virucide, sporicide and fungicide. STERI CELL has a number of advantages outlined below.
The application of the disinfectant applied via aerosol (fogging) can significantly reduce the number of pathogens compared to that of manual surface cleaning alone, when vaporised, it not only reaches all areas, but also kills airborne pathogens along the way. Fogging with STERI CELL provides a touchless disinfection vehicle that delivers the disinfectant onto all surfaces 100%, complementing manual cleaning/disinfection ensures a hygienic environment in child nurseries, care home, offices, fitness centres, public transport, in fact almost anywhere that humans gather, and when in close contact, may transmit contagious illnesses, either at work, play, learning or leisure, where just one person hasn’t washed their hands properly/or at all, after visiting the toilet, then opens any door, switches on any light, you get the picture!

Trichem’s disinfection service can be set-up in many ways,
• regular preventative application, including emergency call outs,
• a one off application,
• emergency call out only.

Prices start from a little a £75.00, if you would like to speak with someone regarding this, or request a survey, please do not hesitate calling us on 01506 634477 or emailing your enquiry to sales@trichemscotland.co.uk

When the clinical benefits of reduced infections and shorter turn-around times are considered, the financial and clinical benefits of a well-managed surface and air system are evident!

The battle with bugs and viruses that can infect our places of work, residence, learning or leisure.
Viruses in the workplace can be a costly business, but even more importantly, they can be extremely dangerous to the health and wellbeing of you staff, residents and customers, can you imagine the bacteria that’s currently on your PC’s keyboard, or TV remote!
Trichem Scotland are here to help your business, staff and customers beat those workplace bugs. Our specialist teams can help you stop those viruses in their tracks, through our thorough, effective and quick disinfection services,


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