Although we manufacture over 60,000 litres (or tonnes) of detergents, hand cleansers, fabric conditioners, etc., each month, we can also uplift your empty plastic containers, that was used to hold our chemicals when we delivered them to you, clean them out, sanitise them and reuse them, on average 10 times!!

Every month we recycle over 400 x 10 & 20 litre drums, those drums are recycled / reused on average ten times. Annualised this equates to a saving of over 2500 tonnes, on plastics drums, that are not going into your bins, nor into the environment! Saving you money and the World at the same time.

Our Compac Concentrates dilute to give you 25 spray bottles! Buying 25 ready to use spray bottles full of product is equivalent to 1725g of plastic, but using our Compac Concentrates with the reusable spray bottle is only 137g! Straight away you’ve saved the world 1.588kg with this one product alone. The amount of weight being transported in those 25 filled spray bottles is on average 20.5kgs, but using 1 full CC bottle this is only 568g, (the only thing you have to do is add your own water). Those are massive savings on your ‘Carbon Footprint Account’ ... and your wallet!

Plastic Wastage Over a year a typical* care home customer using our CC system will save in excess of over 154kgs of plastics, that won’t now be polluting the world.
*Based on the average of three care homes (64 residents), buying Ready to Use product packed in trigger spray bottles.

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