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For years we have always showboated our commitment to quality, value for money chemicals and goods, together with value added service, i.e., COSHH training, stock control, Free On Loan equipment, regular onsite visits from your local representative, who would offer advice on a whole myriad of related subjects, in other words what I called good old fashioned service. So what we offered you was what we thought you wanted, if that’s what you wanted / needed – great, we’ve met your needs and both parties are happy.

However on occasions you don’t either want or need this, it may well be all you want is a inexpensive product, depending upon your individual requirements. It’s maybe that all you want is to be supplied with what I call a “brown box deal”, none of the fancy service that I mentioned earlier on.

So now when it comes to sorting out and negotiating a deal with us, we now need to ask you “what do you want”, we will then tailor a package that meets your requirements.

We can supply you with a brown box arrangement, or indeed a full service partnership, but we need to ask you what do you want?

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