AIRGENE CE is a product for the airborne disinfection of surfaces of medical devices, for clinical and environmental use.

Available in 50ml (40 cubic metres) enough for the UK's average sized livingroom!

Total discharge through its “one-shot” valve, which permits nebulization of the content in a single application.
Elaborated from a synergistic blend of active ingredients, with next-generation quaternary ammonium compounds in combination with adjuvant agents and active extracts of essential oils.
Free of flammable and toxic ingredients, which permits its use in places where other products cannot be applied.
Broad spectrum biocide and rapid action against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses.
Eliminates odours caused by bacterial decomposition.
The nebulisation allows the disinfecting formula to reach difficult or non accessible corners by other means and makes AIRGENE CE suitable for terminal disinfection
The product fulfils AMS 1452 specifications (SAE AMS 1452; Disinfectant Aircraft, General Purpose) for the use in Aircraft disinfection.
Product classified as Medical Device, Class IIa


There is only one AIRGENE CE - Look for the blue circle and cross device

Stock Code: 1049-GENE

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