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Green, eco-friendly fogging disinfection system that uses a ‘dry’ mist to sanitize whole rooms, vehicles, and the surfaces of equipment in a matter of minutes, with no residue or odours. Effective non-aerosol natural disinfection using vaporized hydrogen peroxide with antibacterial silver ion, delivered through a quality industrial-grade fogging disinfection machine. Non-aerosol vaporized hydrogen peroxide is a very effective disinfectant by itself. But paired with a small amount of silver ions and delivered in a super fine mist by a quality disinfectant fogger machine provides a 99.999% kill rate for a variety of organisms. Vaporized antibacterial mist evaporates extremely fast, it is 100% safe for use around electronics. In fact, vapor mist sanitizer systems are used around major aircraft electronics and sensitive medical diagnostic machines on a daily basis with zero issues.

Trichems’ STERI CELL – FOG IT with silver ion since it is the latest, most effective and eco-friendly non-aerosol disinfectant solution available and proven to kill a variety of organisms. And since the vaporized hydrogen peroxide mist with silver ion is a sporicidal disinfectant, it is also very helpful for mould remediation as it destroys those last few mould spores and bacteria colonies after the main cleaning and remediation has been done. So whether it’s a care home, classroom, an industrial building with a row of machines, ambulances, veterinary facility, hospital clean room or just a large public area that you want to sanitise---if you want a highly-effective, chemical-free, time and money-saving way to protect yourself and customers from infectious disease and reduce liability, consider Trichem's fogging whole room disinfection service. Trichem’s disinfection service can be set-up in many ways:

  • regular preventative application, including emergency call outs,
  • a one off application,
  • emergency call out only.

When the clinical benefits of reduced infections and shorter turn-around times are considered, the financial and clinical benefits of a well-managed surface and air system are evident! The battle with bugs and viruses that can infect our places of work, residence, learning or leisure. Viruses in the workplace can be a costly business, but even more importantly, they can be extremely dangerous to the health and wellbeing of you staff, residents and customers, can you imagine the bacteria that’s currently on your PC’s keyboard, or TV remote! Trichem Scotland are here to help your business, staff and customers beat those workplace bugs. Our specialist teams can help you stop those viruses in their tracks, through our thorough, effective and quick disinfection services

Our fogging service is carried out to AFNOR NF T72 281 Efficiency standards. This is a mandatory standard for evaluation of bactericidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal, bactericidal, tuberculocidal, sporicidal,, and viriucidal activity including bacteriophages.

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