14A DRAIN TREATMENT 2x5 LTR enzyme based auto dosed

Trichem Enzyme Drain Maintenance is a simple and natural cleaning system that keeps your commercial drains clear of all grease and fat avoiding blockages as well as EHO fines! Through automatically dispensing a controlled and regular application of concentrated, naturally occurring micro-organisms, its unique enzyme formulation breaks down fats, oils and grease (FOGs).The auto dosing unit is provided and through initial seeding, immediately starts to break down fatty deposits and begins the process of drain clearance. Long term dosing will create a biofilm which continues to digest the grease, oils and fats and prevent build up.

Treating Commercial Drain Lines:

Over time cooking grease and other commercial wastes accumulate in drain lines, which constricts the water flow causing slow-flowing drains that are only a step away from being clogged. These wastes also cause bad odours. Trichem Enzyme Drain Maintenance contains billions of beneficial bacteria that naturally eliminate commercial wastes such as cooking grease, fruit and vegetable wastes, organic waste, hair, tissue paper and more.

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