Two 5 litre drums of Steri Kleen Bactericidal Sanitiser / Disinfectant

Sanitisers are used for disinfection, i.e. the reduction of bacteria to safe levels in order to decrease the infection risk. Depending on your environment, you may need low-level, high-level or hospital grade disinfectants.

The UK Food Standards Agency requires commercial Food Operators to use appropriate disinfectants that meet the requirements of the British Standard BS EN 1276. These products are for the disinfection of surfaces and equipment that can come into contact with food. These could be worktops and kitchen surfaces, ovens, hobs, cutlery, and food preparation machinery. These standards have been introduced to help people working in these environments deal with challenges such as the threat of infections from E-Coli spores which can occur in food preparation areas.

Steri Kleen RTU kills bacteria, including Salmonella and Listeria and achieves hygienically clean surfaces. Steri Kleen is non tainting, quat based and completely water soluble. Steri Kleen RTU is ready to use from the bottle.

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