The PIS 30 is a high-performance induction hob. It will suit any busy kitchen and is perfect for the front of house environment where theatre cooking can really add to the experience of your customers. The induction zone covers 280 mm square and extends approx. 30 mm above the surface of the vitro-ceramic plate allowing you to work the food without losing heat. At 4 mm thick the glass plate will support up to 20 Kg and is protected with a steel bar along it’s front.

PIS 30 utilises a full 3 Kw giving powerful performance whilst retaining the flexibility of a 13 amp plug operation. With the 20 digital pre-set power controller you have full and precise control of your cooking. Along with all the models in our professional induction range the PIS 30 is rated to run at full power for up to 8 hours without cutting out.

Features: 20 pre-set digital control; digital timer; 4 mm thick vitro ceramic glass plate.

Weight 6kg
Power connection 13 amp plug
Power 3KW
Dimensions (mm) 315 x 380 x 102



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