Wash your hands with soap and running water when your hands are visibly dirty, and then sanitise your hands with alcohol gel hand rub.

If your hands are not visibly dirty, frequently clean them by using alcohol based hand rub (Trichol Gel or Spray) or soap and water.

As you can imagine, availability of both raw materials and indeed packaging is extremely erratic to say the least. This ranges from the raw alcohol to the gelling agents through to the type and size of plastic bottles that we can source, so you will see from time to time we may have 750ml spray bottles, that will change to say 1ltr bottles, it can change almost from day to day. So rather than only stick with one size, we decided to bottle our hand sanitisers in the three sizes of bottles that become available to our selves from time to time, so 500ml, 750ml & 1 litre bottles. The price of the actual hand rub sanitiser remains constant, simply pro-rata into what ever pack we have at that time.

The cost of raw alcohol to ourselves has risen by over two and a half times in the last days, in other words from £1.62/Kg to £4.00/Kg. We're told "supply and demand" together with worldwide shortages have resulted in this. To this I have no option to pass those cost increases to our customers, and I will reiterate that we are in no way profiteering from this. The costs of each batch is being monitored, and movements in both raw materials and packaging will determine which way the finished product's price is governed, and that we are doing everything that we can to source through our supply network that best possible pricing that we can.

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