Legislation requires food premises including fixtures, fittings and equipment to be kept clean. Utensils, equipment and surfaces that come in contact with food must also be sanitised. This may include equipment used to clean food contact surfaces, for example cleaning cloths.

Sanitising Sanitising is the process of killing food poisoning bacteria (what you cannot see) and is achieved by using heat and/or chemicals. This process should reduce the number of microorganisms to a level that does not compromise the safety of food with which it may contact and does not permit the transmission of infectious disease.

  • Steps to effectively clean and sanitise
  • Pre-clean - remove dirt and food by sweeping, scraping, wiping or rinsing with water. Remember to disassemble equipment before if applicable.
  • Wash - use warm water and detergent. Soak if necessary.
  • Rinse - rinse off detergents and any remaining food or dirt.
  • Sanitise - sanitise to eliminate/reduce microorganisms to safe levels.
  • Final rinse - rinse off sanitiser (if necessary).
  • Dry - air dry, use a single use towel or clean tea towel.

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