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How to remove malodours

Odour control in hotels is very important to ensure a neutral or clean environment for guests to enhance first impressions and a warm welcome to your hotel.

A common complaint on hotel review websites is based on the smell: whether it’s when entering the reception area or the room itself. First impressions are very important and a smell / bad hotel odours can not only reduce returning customer rates but also result in a review which prevents new customers from clicking that all important Book now button when looking for hotel rooms online.

In this article I will provide information on how to remove lingering odours in your hotel and ensure a more pleasant first impression when guests arrive.

How do you get rid of odours?

You need to find out the following:

  • What is the odour problem?
  • Are every day issues the problem such as rooms near the kitchen area?
  • Are occasional smells causing an issue such as guests smoking in the rooms?

From this we can add the correct procedures to the daily cleaning schedules in your hotel.

  • Would you like a neutral smell, free of all odours or
  • Would you prefer to give the pleasure of a nice warm scent which could resonate in the memory and become a reminder of that great hotel when experienced in the future.

Both can have a positive effect on a guest although I would recommend when using an air freshener, use a mildly scented option. Hotel guests will have different preferences and a strong disliked fragrance can be as damaging as a pungent smell.

Finally we have to take into account the nature of the smell, is there a source such as a guest being sick or tobacco smells lingering in the fabrics in the room. For these you may want to consider an enzyme-based product which will not only mask the smell but also allow the enzymes to work to remove the source and tackle the problem.

How often should I treat the smelly area?

Smells vary in different areas, and as a result there is no set standard for maintaining an area, it would be recommended to spray a guest bedroom once cleaning is complete which will remove odours and leave a nice clan scent for the guest on arrival. Toilets can be pre-dosed with the correct dosing equipment to ensure a pleasant smell throughout the day with no wasted labour.

What if I cannot eliminate the smell?

If the smell remains after air freshener is used and cleaning is complete, it would suggest that we have not tackled the source, it is important to locate the reason for the persistent smell and ensure thorough cleaning, this can be with a traditional cleaning product such as a carpet de-stainer or enzyme based de-odourise or if required through a machine such as a fogger which can breakdown the fragrance and allow it to get into every area of the room including curtains and carpets.

So whether you are looking for a traditional air freshener, odour neutraliser or a way of tackling nasty bacterial smells at source there are many products out there that can help drive away those nasty smells and ensure a pleasant guest experience.

What odour control chemicals are available

1. Air fresheners Air fresheners are the most common way of swapping a nasty smell for a pleasant fragrance and can be easily found in your local supermarket, your food distributor or with a specialist chemical manufacturer such as Trichem Scotland.

2. Odour neutralisers / enzyme products for odour control Odour neutralisers / enzyme products are perhaps more specialist products although the most recognisable name on the market place would be Febreze. I would recommend contacting a reputable chemical manufacturer for advice to ensure the correct procedures and products are used for your needs, ensuring effective cleaning and reduced costs. Manufacturers that provide effective chemicals with account manager support include Ecolab, Diversey and Trichem Scotland to name a few.

Which odour eliminator we recommend

6ACC Air Freshener Commercial Air Freshener This Air Freshener has been formulated for Trichem by our chemists to achieve a high formulation of perfumes. To achieve a long lasting fragrance.

This bottle charges 25 eco spray bottles

View product in our store: Commercial Air Freshener

Available Pack Size – 6x750ml /5ltr /20ltr Dilution Rate – neat

All fresh is ideal for combating urine and vomit smells in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels etc. All fresh can be used in refuse areas where smells occur. Does not mask odours but eliminates them. All fresh can be used on carpets and upholstery, an important product for home freshness.

View product in store: Trizyme Commercial Odour Eliminator for hotels

  • Trizyme, biological cleaner, Stain & Odour Eradicator
  • Trizyme is a simple to-use biological cleaner.
  • Ideal for carpets, upholstery fabrics and flooring (body fluids, spilt beverages)
  • The product's micro-organisms produce enzymes which degrade all types of organic soiling.
  • Trizyme is a biological stain and odour eradicator.
  • A little Trizyme will also remedy odours from sink outlets, baths, showers and kitchen waste units.

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