In the absence of a water filtration system — whether one that pre-filters tap water before it reaches the ice machine, or one built into an ice machine — most ice machines connected to the tap water supply will experience operational issues caused by the contaminants present in tap water.

Limescale is probably the biggest threat to most appliances that use water. Ice machines are no exception as limescale can build up in these devices as well. Limescale can disrupt the capability of your ice maker to produce ice and to operate at peak performance.

Limescale build-up can also lead to the build-up of bacteria, while sediments found in tap water can clog the system. The ever-present chlorine can cause corrosion, make ice taste or smell bad.

A water filter system built into your ice machine can:

Reduce the occurrence of unexpected failures due to corrosion, sediments or scale build-up; Reduce chlorine related corrosion and eliminates chlorine taste and smell; Reduce maintenance costs related to scale build-up on evaporator plates; Prevent clogging issues caused by sediments in solenoid valves and distribution tubes; Prevent bacterial growth within your ice machine. A water filter and regular cleaning of your ice machine can prolong the life of this appliance and keep it working at peak performance.

The ice maker in your fridge can also benefit from a water filter. Fridge filters offer the same protections offered by an ice maker filter including scale inhibiting, chlorine reduction, taste and odour improvement, and antibacterial protection.

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